About Us

I started the idea of PurpleWorks Nutrition late one night during a workout in my local gym because I felt like the nutrition industry was lacking two elements: simplicity and clarity.

This became apparent to me when a friend asked what I thought of a popular supplement he was eyeing. I found myself confused when reading the fact sheet.

As an Emergency Medical Technician I’ve always been passionate about health, but I was limited in scope of what I could feasibly accomplish.

This was the moment I decided to enter the world of nutrition as I knew I could not only improve people's health, but also help them reach their goals by simplifying the overly complex nature of nutrition.

So, why purple?

I chose the color purple because dating back thousands of years it's been used to represent rarity, royalty, knowledge, and quality. The color purple perfectly embodies our mission here at PurpleWorks. We strive to continue that legacy and produce high end, simplified products that improve your health and helps you achieve your goals.